• Choose a category for your story:
    – Personal Growth
    – Health
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    – Sustainability
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    – Spirituality
  • Write inspiring Stories. Does your story inspire others to have a similar experience? Did the experience impact your life in a positive way, empower others or heal the planet in some way?
  • Stick to first hand experiences. Did you personally visit the place you are recommending? Please include a sentence or brief story sharing your personal experience.
  • Please provide original, personal, and honest work. WholesomeTravel strives to provide original content for readers that has not been published anywhere else such as on your own blog, on another website and or from sections taken from a previously published post.
  • Offer practical tips and information that will inspire and drive readers to recreate a similar experience. Include the benefits you or others gained from the experience.
  • Create unique content. Please review current stories first to make sure your contribution is fresh and new. Your story may cover already published topics, as long you share your own story and reflections.
  • Include pictures: Send a few relevant images with your submission. We accept .jpg., .gif, .png files under 1MB. Please include photo credits and captions (if any). Picture story posts are also accepted.
  • No direct advertisement or promotion. WholesomeTravel provides personal stories and experiences rather than directly promoting companies, unless they are a charity, are impacting the planet in a unique way and/or you receive permission by WholesomeTravel.
  • Please keep self promotion to your bio

How to Submit:

  • Send your story in Microsoft Word
  • Keep your post between 500-1,300 words
  • List the category your story is most suited for: Personal Growth, Health & Fitness, Adventure, Sustainability, Volunteering or Spirituality.
  • Include your bio of 50 words or less at the bottom of the post.
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  • Please note posts sent from agents or publicists are not accepted.
  • It may be a week or more before you receive a response, but know that you will be responded to.