Being healthy and fit while traveling opens up an abundance of opportunities and activities you can experience that you otherwise couldn’t if poor health and fitness were limiting you. These benefits also carry forward when you return home feeling stronger, fitter, revitalised, refreshed and more clear about your life path.

  1. Do more things

    Open up your trip to have amazing experiences that require a base level of fitness. Get more activities accomplished instead of spending your time tired or napping. Discover more of the cities and towns you visit by walking or biking instead of taking transport, go on multiday hikes and multiweek treks. Even though being fit allows you to do more, remember not to swap quality for quantity. Stay longer to see more or go back another time.

  2. See more things

    Having an increased level of fitness gets you off the beaten tourist track and often where cars can’t access. Explore remote lakes by kayaking, discover isolated island marine life by snorkelling and diving, trek and camp on trails for days and connect with nature in abundant forests and mountains by hiking and biking.

  3. Feel energized

    Being fit and healthy creates more energy and happy emotions. This creates a positive impact to both you and those around you.

  4. Discover More Cuisines

    Setting your intention to eat healthier food while travelling allows you discover more unique and off the beaten track restaurants and dishes. Rather than reaching for convenient fast food with empty calories that leave you tired, go have fun discovering healthy local organic, plant based cuisines. Visit supermarkets and stock up on new and exotic fruits and veggies and source local nuts and grains to make your own nutritious dishes and snacks. In Hawaii I made the most of eating the local papayas and avocados.

  5. Get even more fitter

    Now that you have your base fitness as a minimum why not plan a trip that increases your fitness and health more?  Go on a cycling trip around Italy or Vietnam, embark on an 18 trek around Annapurna in Nepal, race a marathon in China, go mountain biking in south america, kayak around amazing lakes. Go home feeling more fitter and energized than when you left.

  6. Form stronger connections

    Getting yourself out there doing activities leads you to meet more people you will instantly have an interest in common with and often if you are both feeling fit and healthy, you will both be happy. Forming a friendship based on these factors often leads to deeper connections and stronger bonds resulting in long lasting friendships that survive international boundaries.

  7. Reduce stress

    Being fit and healthy in general reduces stress levels as your body is functioning at a more optimum level. This allows you to cope more adequately with stresses around you. Now remove the everyday stresses of daily life by travelling and having your mind focus on getting more fit and healthy that can only lead to even less stress. Stress less, feel good and enjoy life!

  8. Personal Growth

    By experiencing new activities that require more fitness you often spend time preparing for these activities, getting out of your comfort zone, facing fears and forming deeper connections with people. Seeking nourishing foods requires planning, preparation and research. All these activities not only increase mental stimulation but also provide you with new tools and skills to grow as a person and apply to your everyday life when you return home.

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