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How to stay safe as a solo female traveler

By  •  2 weeks ago

In 2008 I traveled around the world solo for a year, which included 6 months in India and Nepal. I had many people ask me before the trip if I was scared to go alone. Read More

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5 ways to create a more meaningful travel journey

By  •  3 weeks ago

I recently returned from yet another trip I would class as one of the most amazing experiences of my life. This meaningful road trip across the South West U.S to attend …
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Staying in the flow when all your plans fall apart

By  •  3 months ago

This is a story about the day where everything I planned fell apart, which led to one of the best days of my life.

I woke up with a mixture …
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6 ways to prepare for a happier, healthier you

By  •  5 months ago

I’m now 2 weeks into my wellness program and cleanse. From my experience, successfully getting through a program like this definitely requires the right preparation and tools. It may sound …
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My DIY wellness guide to rebooting health

By  •  6 months ago

Building a healthy and balanced body, mind, and soul before traveling increases your stamina to do more and travel longer, as well as decreases your likelihood to get sick. From my experience …
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